Gentle Yoga

Mon – 6.00-7.30pm


Highcliffe Castle
Rothesay Dr, Highcliffe BH23 4LE (map)

A gentle yoga class. Focusing on self-awareness and mindfulness. Using a somatic approach of viewing ourselves from the inside looking out. Beginning to understand and listen to our own bodies.  Generate an awareness of how you move, how you position your body, how you breathe and how you feel throughout your whole being. Become your own yoga teacher. Listen to your body and help it learn.


Gentle Flow Vinyasa Yoga

Thurs - 7.00-8.30pm


The Meeting Place
North St, Westbourne, West Sussex PO10 8SP (map)

Slow pace Vinyasa.  Vinyasa "to place in a special way + flow" Stimulating increased circulation, revitalising all the organs of the body, toning the muscles and ligaments, stabilising the joints, creating ease in the nerves, and promoting the improved functioning of all the body's systems. All classes include Pranyama. Just breathing can become a profound tool of awareness. The mind becomes clearer and stronger. Emotions even out, the heart opens, and the spirit soars. You simply feel better - more vibrant, more alive!

Get Loose Yoga